Welcome to this year`s Cambridge Test at HKIS!




YLE Starters 10名

YLE Moversテスト10名

YLE Flyers テスト10名

A2Key(KET ケンブリッジテスト)2名(HKISからの招待制)


​The next test will be held on Saturday, April 16th from 130pm! This time, you will receive all the usual help from HKIS (homework, 2 study sessions, geared class-content) PLUS a new key-points helper-booklet and 2 zoom chats to review any questions, review the test format and homework issued!! 

We have 3 tests available for students at HKIS, and an additional test available (HKIS-invite only).

Space available:

Starters test 10 spots

Movers test 10 spots

Flyers test 10 spots

A2 Key (KET Cambridge test) 2 spots (HKIS-invite)

Please reserve your spot before it fills up!

    Are you ready? 🙂

    Which test would you like to take? どのレベルで挑戦しますか?

    Would you like an HKIS recommendation on what test to take? レベルやテストについてHKISのお勧めを希望しますか?

    The fee will be 9,650yen per student (which includes tax).

    Welcome to the Cambridge Text at HKIS! Let`s go!

    Welcome everyone, to another exciting year at HKIS! 🙂