About HKIS!

Hello Kids International School – About HKIS!

We are an International English school based in Bunkyo, Tokyo since 2009.

When we first started operations in Myogadani, we were based from a one-floor facility that worked very well for us for many years. 

But as our student base grew, we needed to find another more suitable option that offered enough space for us to inspire a wider audience, with different interests and ambitions. 

Introducing the more spacious HKIS facility (since 2020)! 

Since moving into our new HKIS 4-floor facility in April 2020, we now have the ability to offer themed floors which allows for us to separate the students by-group in an even better, more inspiring way.

The first floor (red) offers an entry point to HKIS. Students enter here, take off their shoes, place their base in their own cubby and wash hands before going up to the second floor to begin their day with us. This floor is also where the 2-4 year olds conduct worksheet and/or craft time! General snack time is also held on this floor.

The second floor (orange) offers 2 learning locations, the same number as the first floor. This floor is also used as our central meeting point each day before separating to the different floors when the groups separate by-age and by-level. We also conduct worksheet and craft time on this floor.

The third floor (yellow) is our sports floor! This is a specially designed floor just for movement and physical activity – based on that days` theme. 

The fourth floor (green) is our projects floor and offers a custom kitchen for creating our different themed treats, larger tables and chairs as well as sofas for the elementary-level-and-up students. This floor also holds our Lego collection and HKIS-Ipads used for our different research projects.

The fifth floor (blue sky) is our rooftop! We have placed green grass on this floor which allows for us to hold learning activities more easily – and even snack times on special occasions! 

Please contact us for a tour of HKIS and to learn more about our established curriculum, teaching style and what progress you can expect after joining us!

Our old facility is now the Activity Center and School Bus parking location!

Please see a few pictures below!