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Welcome to our Camping Page! Learn more: Private Family Camp!Time to go Camping!


ハローキッズインターナショナルスクール ハローキッズインターナショナルスクールのホームページをご覧頂きましてありがとうございます。   ハローキッズインターナショナルスクールの校長を務めておりますグレッグ・セルフと申します。本校は久堅公園の近くに位置している、テーマベースの学習法を実践している英語学校です。久堅公園から東側に綺麗な赤い校舎が見えます!   私は2008年以上、子供たちを教えておりますが、一人ひとりの興味や考えがとてもユニークで特別なものだといつも感じています。子供たちの成長をサポートし、その素晴らしい才能と興味の方向性を定め、ベストを尽くせるように、様々なクラスの設定や特別イベントの開催を行っております。    私も校長であり、メインの講師として、そして優秀な教師陣と共にカリキュラムを通して基本的なレベルから高いレベルまでの高い質のレッスンを提供しております。HKIS内ではお互いが家族のような存在として様々な経験の中で愛情や積極性を育んでおります。      校長より


ハローキッズインターナショナルスクール – 体験レッスン 体験レッスンへようこそ! 平日プリスクール・キンダーガーテンクラス:1000ー1430 平日アフターヌーンクラス:1500−1800 土曜日クラス:0900−1200・0900ー1300・1300−1600 はじめての環境への第一印象は、お子様の人生にとって非常に大切であり、私達も真剣に向き合っております。 10時または15時にスクールへ入った時から、お子様達は、その日の先生達によって愛情一杯に歓迎されます。そしてその瞬間から、先生やクラスメートを通じてスクールへの快適さやフレンドシップを築き始めることができます。 心地よさを感じてもらい、自身の自信を高めてもらうことが、私達のスクールの生徒達への願いです。それは、成功に不可欠であり、新しい能力の向上とベストを尽くすために必要な勇気をつける事にも役立ちます。体験レッスン

Hello Kids International School – Your Team!

Welcome to our Team page!   We strive to maintain excellence here at Hello Kids International School. Through our team of talented and dedicated teachers, we brainstorm and create together, introducing fresh new ideas within a curriculum that is achievable for every student that attends our school. Through thematic-style techniques, we keep every class fun and full of daily, visible progress.   Please meet your team!    

Greg Selfe

  • Principal and Head Teacher   

Working exclusively with children since 2008, Greg is the driving force behind the different Hello Kids International School’s curriculums, class structure and Teacher-quality. Greg’s teaching psychology is based around the thematic-style, and has been perfected to ensure each and every student, individually, can not only enjoy Hello Kids International School but learn a great deal of English as well! Responsible for all areas, Greg has created a progressive-success system that allows each student to make visible and progressive English, as well as living, social, leadership, problem solving and other skills, day-by-day , month-by-month and year-by-year.

Hitomi Beckwith

  • Acting Principal / Head Teacher 

Hitomi is a positive, loving and committed part of our team. She’s been with us from March 2013, and has adapted to our style of teaching brilliantly. She is now a leader in the school’s daily creation-of-content as well as the implementation of special initiatives based around the continual development of students` speaking, reading, writing and listening skills developments!

Hiroko Hayakawa

  • Manager / Teacher

Hiroko is a seasoned Manager and Teacher with Hello Kids International School. She adds a level of perspective that helps us ensure everything from operations to parent communications to her own customized classes per week are run at the highest quality!

Elma Melencion


Elma is an energetic and skilled Teacher at Hello Kids International School. Born in the Philippines but now a resident of Japan, she brings an energy and passion to the team with her unique ideas, perspective and personal goals for her students. We are always very impressed with her ambitious ideas and teaching techniques which blend in so well with our thematic teaching style!

Mariko Suzuki

  • Manager / Teacher

Mariko is the newest member in our formal team at Hello Kids International School. She is full of energy and thoroughly loves the process that our students enjoy through the thematic learning style. With her abundance of new ideas and commitment to quality, we are sure Mariko will be a part of our school for many years to come. We are very lucky to have her part of our team.

Thank you for reading about Your Team at Hello Kids International School!