Cambridge Learning at HKIS!

Hello Kids International School – Cambridge Learning at HKIS!

Cambridge (YLE) The future is so bright!

At Hello Kids International School, we are very proud to announce our special relationship with Cambridge learning! Since our inception in 2009, Our school has been responsible for building active and successful young learners from the very young age of 1.5 years to now 11 years old. During this time, our commitment to quality education has been evident and has driven us to combine efforts with a worldwide, accredited, standardized language body to show students and parents combined that our school really is a leader in overall childhood development.

People often ask us “why did you choose Cambridge learning over other learning programs?”…

The answer to us is easy. Within each of the tests that Cambridge learning offers for our students, there is a listening, speaking, reading and writing component – within each morning, afternoon and Saturday class at our school, we ALSO cover listening, speaking, reading and writing… making this a fantastic fit! After each test, students also receive an award from Cambridge learning in the U.K. that shows the number of shields they have earned within each component – the test itself and the subsequent shields earned make for a wonderful memory and incentive towards the next test they will want to take!

A little more information…

Cambridge learning offers 3 tests created for students between 6-15 years old, the YLE or Young Learners English Tests. At Hello Kids International School we also offer our own independent exams every 3-6 months to ensure students are always progressing based on our own curriculum, and it is wonderful to see that our curriculum and education goals tie in so well with Cambridge learning.The sky truly is the limit going forward and we are cheering you on!      

Link: Cambridge YLE Exams at Hello Kids International School