Summer Special Program! (6/1-9/30)

Welcome to our Summer Special Program!


To apply to our Summer Special Program please click this link! This program is open for any child to attend 1, 2, 3 or as many extra spot classes as you want between June to September! It is an excellent source for students wanting to join us more during the summer – and summer at HKIS is just amazing! With special experiments, walking tours and other bonus activities, in addition to an already fun atmosphere, it is flexible and ready to adjust to your needs! The more you attend, the cheaper it is! 

お申し込み前に、こちらの詳細をリンクからご確認下さい!  Please click this link to learn more before you apply!

お申し込みは、下記フォームから記入頂き送信ください。お申込み頂きましたら、確認のメールをお送り致します! To apply, please fill out the form below! We will contact you again after receiving your application!

Summer Special Program Form!

    See you soon at HKIS!