May 2022: HKISにまもなく登場!

A. Online Learning System! / オンライン学習システム!(May 2022 update: expected summer 2022)

Great for anyone who want to interact with HKIS from home – or anywhere! This system includes reading and writing exercises, speaking skills development through Zoom chats and achievement charts to keep track of progress! 10,000yen per month gets you access to this system! Available for children aged 6-15 years old!

自宅から、またはどこからでもHKISと関わりたい方へぴったりです! このシステムには、読み書きの練習、Zoomチャットによるスピーキングスキルの開発、進捗状況を確認するための達成チャートが含まれています。 月額10,000円でこのシステムにアクセスできます! 6〜15歳のお子様にご利用いただけます!

B. 6/18/2022 Arts and Crafts Center OPEN party! / 6/18/2022 アート&クラフトセンターOPEN記念パーティー!

We will hold a small, invite only party to celebrate all that the A&C will provide – a new HKIS classroom, a special Arts and Crafts area we can use for incredibly special crafts, pottery making, painting, molding and so much more! Please contact us to learn more!


C. Extended Bus Routes! / 私たちのバスルートが拡大します!(from April 2022: bus routes extended!)

Our 3rd bus is arriving soon! With our new bus we will be able to expand our bus routes to serve you better – servicing a larger area and getting your child home as early as possible after class!