Active Learning Center!

9月4日(土)ついにオープンとなりました!HKISに新しく仲間入りしたエキサイティングなアクティブラーニングセンター(ALC)へようこそ!Open from September 4th (Saturday)!! Welcome to our newest addition to the family, the really exciting Active Learning Center (ALC)!


新しいお知らせです! 10月からALCで水曜日と金曜日のアフタヌーンクラスのオープンを予定しております私達もこのお知らせができ嬉しく思います!平日のモーニングクラスの開講日も検討中です!
  • 土曜日のモーニングクラス!
  • 水曜日と金曜日のアフタヌーンクラス!
  • 平日のモーニングクラスを検討中!
  • 他のクラスや日程に興味がある場合は、ALCにお越し頂ければスクールバスにてお子様をHKIS(赤い建物)まで送迎いたします。 ALCからHKISまでのバス送迎は無料です! 🙂
Please contact us to learn more! 

Due to the great interest, we are very proud to announce that we are planning to open a Wednesday and Friday afternoon class at the ALC from October! We are also considering what day/days to open a weekday morning class! 

From October our class schedule will now be:

  • Saturday morning class!
  • Wednesday and Friday afternoon class!
  • Considering the schedule for the weekday morning class as well!
  • If you are interested in any other classes or days, then we can pick your child up from the ALC and bring them to HKIS (the red building), where we are open everyday! The bus is free from the ALC to HKIS! 🙂



The newest addition to the HKIS family, the Active Learning Center will help further motivate and inspire the HKIS students in many, many new ways! Physical movement will be our main priority as we introduce new English concepts during both class times and general events times! Let`s go! 🙂

Address: Hongo 6-chome, 24-8, Bunkyo, Tokyo

Learning at the ALC!

September 4th event at the ALC!

See you soon everyone!

HKIS is an International English School proudly based in Tokyo, Japan since 2009! See you soon!